November 13, 2017

perempuan meroyan dtg balik...

        I'm thinking of buying a car next year so I can travel more during weekend. However the initial thought of buying car asal boleh jalan have changed, the longer i keep on thinking abt it :p... Initially I thought of buying I10 as it the cheapest (can get £6-7k used for 2015/16) and the review is quite good. But the look is so buruk.. at least for me hahaha. Then i upgraded to fiesta and polo which another 3k extra for the same year.  I kind of settle for this till i saw an A1 sportback drive past me. It so cute and nice but that add another £3k. WHAT!!.. I already want to cross that when my friend said, i should enjoy while i can. To think about it, i will never drive Audi in Malaysia.. not even in my dream :). So I went to see the A1, the rear seat is quite small but the driver seat is so ergo. I kind of want it .. but really? Do i want to waste the money for this car? Some more getting a used car A1 is not easy.. New A1 will be around £20-22k. Gulp.. Then i did this self questionnaire .. WHAT YOU REALLY WANT.. ---> The answer is Mini Cooper .. hahahaha lain option.. lain jawaban nya.. Yeah.. i really fancy mini cooper.. maybe because i drove Kelisa which is mini cooper wannabe .. so i become mini cooper owner wannabe too. I even happy when my neighbour who drove mini cooper rent my parking. At least my parking get to taste how mini cooper felt like.. not the engine leak from my beloved Kelisa :).  Anyway mini wasn't in the list initially because i tot they only have 2 seat at the back. I need 3 seat , just incase stooges plan coming to Scotland next year get materialised ( ye la tu... tatau bila). I tot if I need 3 seat, need to buy mini clubman.. and i dont like the look of clubman. It look like van. I did my useless browsing.. simply go to mini website and try to configure the mini.. Then only i realized that 5dr mini cooper have 3 seat at the back.. Yeah!! i straight book a test drive and been waiting for this weekend to happen.. Yesterday i drove mini cooper :).  It so smooth and stable. As driver, I like the drive but driver seat is not as good as A1. The back seat is OK compare to A1 although the middle doesn't really get a good legroom and the door is slightly small. arghh screw up the stooges.. at least it 3 seat .. hahahaha..  This what happen when u found something u love.. u let them squeeze :). Anyway, i don't really like the screen. It small even with the radio boost visual. Maybe need to upgrade to media XL. The bad new is.. it hard to find auto mini cooper 5d in Edinburgh and with the option of media XL.. it even harder. When i check autotrader, they are some but at least few hundreds miles away and it does have the same price tag with A1. So now, i need to start thinking about money.. hahaha.. duit duit duit .. di mana ko duit.. So now my journey of increasing my car allocation money started..
Last night i have been buying some bitcoin in hope it can go up beribu2 lemon in 4 months ( it has been down and i've  been loosing money instead.. sigh :( Won't look at it till march... pray hard ).. I also created some saving account in Halifax and plan to put my car deposit there in a hope to win their lucky draw in this 4 month. They have lucky draw every month although the odd of winning is very low. Somehow the average of winning is woman 60 yrs old, weird ar. Anyway since I'm halfway there maybe my luck is increasing as well. Positive!!.. I also just setup an account with Premium Bond (similar like SSPN) in hope to win their lucky draw as well. I have been digging my travel drawer to find the extra pound hidden inside the travel purse so i can bank it to that premium bond tmrw. I even plan to use some £ that my friend gave me as token of good luck before i went to Edinburgh.. I guess this where the luck is needed :).  I know i haven't been so lucky in Malaysia .. but maybe my luck is shining here? With all the coldness, there must be something warm for me right :). Sound desperate.. yeah!! i really want mini cooper or maybe A1. But i i know what i want cost more that i can afford now. Pray hard... With all the luck, i hope i can get mini cooper with configuration that I want .. Amin.

August 13, 2017

Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Every year in August, there will be Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. One of the biggest event during Fringe Festival would be Edinburgh Military Tattoo. Some country will perform band marching to kind of commemorate contribution during war. I'm lucky to win 2 ticket for Edinburgh Tattoo this year. Yeah.. so last night, me& eja go to watch it. They have performance from local which include Queen army and other country which from India, Japan and France. I think every year will have different country.. I do see Malaysia flag and wonder if Malaysia did performed here before. Beside normal band marching, there were also some war story on the redcoat vs highlander and some Viking story which showed they burn the boat. Overall it quite good but the most moment that really keep me thinking & happy was the ending.. Of course the firework view at the end was fantastic but seeing everyone from all the country gather and played the instrument together at the end was amazing... and this being added with bird visual at the castle flying high, which really give a feeling of freedom after war. The show ended with everyone stand up, singing national anthem and followed by a Scotland friendship handshake song. Everyone cross hand, holding each other even the stranger and sing that song together while the band playing the music... The music was similar like our "bertemu dan berpisah song" but they have different lyrics. It turn out Scotland's version is the original which come from a poem - Auld Lang Syne. It spirit was so high last night. It really nice to experience that :) I hope we have more friendship rather than war in future to come ...

June 06, 2017

driving lesson

Recently there was a case in Edinburgh where cyclist fall dawn due to her tyre stuck in the tram rail. A bus unfortunately hit her afterwards. She didn't make it. Btw she actually Malaysian. Reading this news, it really remind me back to my driving theory preparation. While studying my theory test, I did kind of "curse" the system many time. They have tooooo (i hope the more "o" can emphasize the plurals of it) syllabus to cover. Beside all the normal road sign, there are syllabus on first aid like what what you should do for the burn victims, how long you should check the breathing before do the compression, what the stopping and braking distance when you driving on certain speed. What the usage of catalyst or how you do engine on and so on. It really a lot. They even have tram signal question. One of thing that i find good, are the awareness about the other road user. Like why & how you should be careful when try to overtake motorcycle in open road or even animal. What you should expect cyclist/motorcycle might do when passing a manhole etc. It might be obvious if we have experience of driving but for new learner, I think it a good eye opener. They also has a section about hazard perception where we watch video and click when we think there is hazard going to happen while we driving..It really cool and scary at the same times. During my practice, I always failed on this hazard perception as I was caught clicking too rapidly or I click too soon or too late when seeing developing hazard. Lucky i did not repeat it on the real test.
Anyway coming back to the tram story, one of topic abt other road user is why you should be careful when a driving near the tram path. It said that tram path is dangerous to cyclist as they might get stuck on the rail. Which really if it being practices properly maybe can save that girl's life. But again, anything can happen.
Not sure if our driving lesson syllabus in Malaysia has change but I do think is a good thing to have all this diverse topic to cover. it did give good knowledge for the new people  However i wonder if we change Malaysia theory test to be comprehensive, how many people will actually take the lesson :).

May 28, 2017


I saw the below comment in my news feed. So tempting to comment but I refrained myself hence I'm writing to this blog to avoid any unnecessary argument. I've learnt my lesson last time when I comment in a post where someone made untrue claims that there is no Azan is allowed in Penang. A simple comment to correct her statement based on my experience staying in Penang ended up to be some long argument. Being a "competitive" and my nk menang attitude, i didn't know when to back off. Lucky our mutual friend diplomatically end that argument. Since then, I've learnt people doesn't want truth. They just want to believe what the want to believe. In Al Baqarah there is lots of ayat about this type of people who will never listen, which said that Allah has put seal on their heart. I still struggle to understand why do people don't want to listen. Why Allah has put seal on the heart of some people? Does they know that they not listening to truth.. does they know they are looking at the wrong thing and my worst question,  Am I belong to the group as well? 

Anyway coming back to this post, for me the problem of this islamic radical is they think ONLY them is the correct one. They kill non-muslim or even muslim because they think only they follow the real Islam. The rest is just infidel. Being a muslim, we should know how much Ramadhan meant to muslim. For us, where kindness is a way to achieve happiness in hereafter, we tried to do much kindness during this holy months. But for them, where killing "infidel" is what they think is ticket to heaven, don't you think they will do more during the ramadhan??? So I just cannot get it when my friend was thinking all this thing has to do with kuasa2 luar nk campur tangan. Ok maybe I'm so naive but I think there is a bigger reason behind this rather campus tangan kuasa luar and if we cannot accept this real reason, it will be hard to fight all this terrorism.
For me, the issue is because "radical" ideology. It doesn't matter if it islamic radical, or any other religion or even other secular ideology. This so called radical movement is about having the greatest power. They will try to see how far they can stretch their ideology. Maybe it will be easy to give example of something that already happen in they history. All of us know that Hitler with his radical ideology execute the Jewish. But he does not stop there. He also execute those gay, gypsy and to a point his start to execute those Germany that was handicapped. For him, killing those worthless people make world a better place but how you draw the line.. who is worthless and who is not? It the same with this islamic radical. They might start with non muslim, then depending if they come from Shia or Sunni, they will continue to execute the opposite faith, then they will execute those from some faith but having slight different. Where do you think they will draw the line to stop?? Never !!! unless we stop all this radical thinking. It something we should not even thinking that "ala aku selamat sebab diorang attack org bukan islam je". For me, we live in a world that there is lots of grey than 1 or 0. Those grey is what define who we are.. Just because some one is having different thought and faith , does not make them to be on the wrong side. 

April 29, 2017

saving ...

My friend was asking me how much percentage of my salary I save for my rainy day aka hari tua.. sebenarnya soalan susah tu... I spend what I want and I save what I want.. Now in UK even more confused. because I used my malaysia saving to pay for my house loan payment as UK conversion rate dropped compare to when I decided to accept the job. So I'm hoping for the currency to be OK before tampal balik my saving ...  But the thing is, one of the reason I decided to go abroad is to travel.. So I kind of try not to control my travel spending so much. Besides, to get some benefits like free movie ticket, cashback la etc, I open a few current account. These account required some  minimum bank in every month. As they don't really care if the money stay, so what I do is I setup standing order that move my money from one account to another.. hahaha .. mcm black money je kan. That how kiasu I am to get  free stuff. I also fan of credit card as I think we wasting points not using credit card.. (konon la kan but seriously that what I firmly believe). So I don't really know how much % that I save..or I even save? .. hahaha.. So when she asked that question, my answer is "aku xde hard rules... ada kesedaran sendiri bila shopping banyak". Jawapan yg sgt confident and I'm pretty sure my friend feel wow.. bagus nya. (perasan kan).
But ... tiba2 ... that night, somehow while surfing abt Copenhagen,  I don't know why, but suddenly I open a camera review website.. and tiba2 .. I was on prayer mat beside my bed, sit long enough thinking should I or should I not..  I know I have been spending quite a lots last 2 months as I have been travelling and book some flights/hotel for my summer travel... but If I didn't buy now, I might missed the 5 years warranty offer.. Uhhh so tempting...
Tiba2 I took my credit card and tiba2 i get the confirmation letter... and I will be welcoming another tukun in my collection as summer preparation.....  Banyak la ko punya kesedaran sendiri...
Today I look at my credits card bill. Gosh.. baru la tersedar... Takpe .. my own justificaton .. one year anniversary gift I'm in Edinburgh.. apa2 pun boleh kan... Hope it worth it ...

April 15, 2017

azam ditengah tahun

i woke up and decided to do one thing ... --> to msg my old good friend that I have not been really contact them is the past for what ever reason and reconnect with them. Maybe i'm scared that we are not the same .. we don't have anything to talk .. but based on the fact we use to talk a lot last time.. I'm pretty sure it won't go wrong.. Some people are bless.. their life is always giving people hope and lights.. like my friend - Ah, even her death give me lesson..  I don't want to feel another regret...

April 13, 2017

Rambling about life .. again!!!

Every year there is unexpected death that I heard.. My housemate when i was in UTM just passed away yesterday after delivered a baby girl.. It kind of shocked and I do felt sad.. My mind just keep rewinding my memory with her especially when we stay outside campus.. She with her scooter and her habit to play with her hair.  She really a good and soft spoken with a lots humour traits. We used to be good friend... Sue, Ah, Intan and me. It really unexpected but again death is for sure. I look back at my last personal WhatsApp message. It just about unit trust. I don't even ask about her life any more. I guess over time, your path with your old friend branch. I justified by not having common topic to talk but I think the real reason I just don't care about their life anymore. When I look back, i cut so many people from my life... there is someone that I will always put her as my bestfriend's name during my childhood in some of my password reminder but I don't even remember when was the last time we spoke freely on the phone. I have so many justification for the friendship that I cut or I lowered the standard to hi/bye kind of relationship.. but yet the justification just to make me feel less guilty of being selfish... Sigh.. Am I really a lone ranger? .. a loner ? Is relationship really burden me?
In a different note, last night when I was watching cinema, my mum WhatsApp me.. Just normal message to take care myself and tell me her doa will always with me.. I cried... I saw how my mum progress from the strongest pontianak in Johor to an old lady.. For me, my knee start making sound and i start to have to have pain when taking stairs and even to pray. I wonder does the time will come too soon when I can't even pray without chair :(.  This sometimes make we wonder... will I regret staying abroad .. not staying near my mum or I will regret does not take opportunity to explore life when time is permitted for me.. .. maybe it PMS mode..