June 06, 2017

driving lesson

Recently there was a case in Edinburgh where cyclist fall dawn due to her tyre stuck in the tram rail. A bus unfortunately hit her afterwards. She didn't make it. Btw she actually Malaysian. Reading this news, it really remind me back to my driving theory preparation. While studying my theory test, I did kind of "curse" the system many time. They have tooooo (i hope the more "o" can emphasize the plurals of it) syllabus to cover. Beside all the normal road sign, there are syllabus on first aid like what what you should do for the burn victims, how long you should check the breathing before do the compression, what the stopping and braking distance when you driving on certain speed. What the usage of catalyst or how you do engine braking..so on and so on. It really a lot. They even have tram signal question. One of thing that i find good, are the awareness about the other road user. Like why & how you should be careful when try to overtake motorcycle in open road or even animal. What you should expect cyclist/motorcycle might do when passing a manhole etc. It might be obvious if we have experience of driving but for new learner, I think it a good eye opener. They also has a section about hazard perception where we watch video and click when we think there is hazard going to happen while we driving..It really cool and scary at the same times. During my practice, I always failed on this hazard perception as I was caught clicking too rapidly or I click too soon or too late when seeing developing hazard. Lucky i did not repeat it on the real test.
Anyway coming back to the tram story, one of topic abt other road user is why you should be careful when a driving near the tram path. It said that tram path is dangerous to cyclist as they might get stuck on the rail. Which really if it being practices properly maybe can save that girl's life. But again, anything can happen.
Not sure if our driving lesson syllabus in Malaysia has change but I do think is a good thing to have all this diverse topic to cover. it did give good knowledge for the new people  However i wonder if we change Malaysia theory test to be comprehensive, how many people will actually take the lesson :).

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