August 13, 2017

Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Every year in August, there will be Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. One of the biggest event during Fringe Festival would be Edinburgh Military Tattoo. Some country will perform band marching to kind of commemorate contribution during war. I'm lucky to win 2 ticket for Edinburgh Tattoo this year. Yeah.. so last night, me& eja go to watch it. They have performance from local which include Queen army and other country which from India, Japan and France. I think every year will have different country.. I do see Malaysia flag and wonder if Malaysia did performed here before. Beside normal band marching, there were also some war story on the redcoat vs highlander and some Viking story which showed they burn the boat. Overall it quite good but the most moment that really keep me thinking & happy was the ending.. Of course the firework view at the end was fantastic but seeing everyone from all the country gather and played the instrument together at the end was amazing... and this being added with bird visual at the castle flying high, which really give a feeling of freedom after war. The show ended with everyone stand up, singing national anthem and followed by a Scotland friendship handshake song. Everyone cross hand, holding each other even the stranger and sing that song together while the band playing the music... The music was similar like our "bertemu dan berpisah song" but they have different lyrics. It turn out Scotland's version is the original which come from a poem - Auld Lang Syne. It spirit was so high last night. It really nice to experience that :) I hope we have more friendship rather than war in future to come ...

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